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Gerard Mullins KC practices in Tort law. He specialises in catastrophic injury, medical negligence, aviation and human rights.

He has an LLM from the University of Queensland where he lectures periodically in the Masters Program. He has delivered papers nationally and internationally on diverse aspects of tort law. He is a joint author of Civil Liability, Australia, published by LexisNexis.

He acted on behalf of the families of victims of the Black Hawk Helicopter crash in Townsville in 1996 in litigation in Queensland and Connecticut; the New South Wales Master Farriers’ Association in the Equine Influenza Inquiry in 2006; numerous children sexually abused in foster care in Queensland (Davison v. State of Queensland (2006) 226 CLR 234); the patients of Dr Jayant Patel and the Bundaberg Hospital Support Group at the Queensland Public Hospitals Commission of Inquiry and associated litigation (Keating v. Morris [2005] QSC 243); multiple Police Officers who developed psychiatric conditions following covert police work (Queensland v. Stephenson (2006) 226 CLR 197); the relatives of Cameron Doomadgee following his death on Palm Island (Hurley v. Clements [2010] 1 Qd R 215); multiple patients of a surgeon in claims relating to failed abdominal surgery (Shaw v Broadbent (2004) QSC 433); multiple families of victims of the Lockhart River air crash (Thornton v. Lessbrook (2010) QSC 363 and Kepa v. Lessbrook (2012) 269 FLR 103) and subsequent antisuit litigation relating to proceedings in Missouri (Mackellar Mining Equipment Pty Ltd v. Thornton [2019] QCA 77); the mothers of deceased adolescents following closure of a psychiatric facility at the Barrett Adolescent Centre Commission of Inquiry; Doctors for Refugees at the Inquest into the Death of Hamid Khazaei on Manus Island; the survivors of sexual abuse in the Australian Defence Force and families of the deceased in the crash of FZ981 in Rostov-on-Don in Russia.

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